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GM G-Power 4+1 Spike Guard with 2 Meter Cable

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  • 4+1 Spike adaptor which comes with 4 international sockets & 1 Master switch
  • Socket Type: International socket which is suitable for different types of plugs used around the world
  • Indicator: Indicates availability of power supply
  • Total Max load of 10A and length of cable = 2m. USB Port: No
  • Safety shutdown technology - It has Thermal overload trip to power off your system, which saves all connected devices in the event of a severe over current or when the surge protection is disable. You can press red button to return to safe function mode
  • 3 High Power MOVs -The Spike guard is equipped with 3 high power MOVs to protect the equipment connected to it from transient and switching spikes and surges
  • Fire retardant protection: All the sockets parts of the product have been manufactured from fire-retardant imported engineering products
  • Ergonomic design- Adequate space has been provided between the sockets for accommodating plugs of different designs
  • Suitable for household, office, computer and its Peripherals, DVD, T.V etc
  • Country of Origin: India


Want to protect your electronics investments like computers and peripherals, HDTVs, entertainment centres and appliances? Then the GM 3058- G-Power 4+1 Spike Guard from Amazon India is definitely worth buying. A spike guard plays an essential role in device longevity. We all are aware of the fact that while some devices are able to withstand sudden variations in power, there are others that may be shorted out and destroyed by overly high voltage levels. The GM 3058- G-Power 4+1 Spike Guard is designed to control any unexpected or potentially dangerous spikes in electricity, occurring over the normal course of electricity use, or due to external sources such as lightning.

The Best Spike Guard to Suit your Home/ Office Needs and Interiors

Modern day interior is all about saving place, time and money and getting maximum output. And the GM 3058- G-Power 4+1 Spike Guard is made appropriate to suit today’s modern mindset. Extremely portable and easy to place, this multipurpose spike guard can be installed at any corner of your home or office. Buy the GM 3058- G-Power 4+1 Spike Guard online from Amazon India which comes with amazing features and product specifications. It is sleek and high in performance. It has multiple sockets for easy and convenient use. It comes in grey colour, hence it blends well with all shades of wall. If you have kids at home, the GM 3058- G-Power 4+1 Spike Guard is a great choice as it is 100% safe. The socket of this spike guard has a safety shutter to protect your family from unwanted accidents. It comes with thermal trip technology and fire retardant protection.

Protect your Expensive Electronic Devices from Voltage Spikes and Surges

The GM 3058- G-Power 4+1 Spike Guard is an electrical device that provides multiple sockets for various electronic devices' connection. It helps you easily plug-in multiple wires simultaneously without affecting the connection and power source. Use this spike guard when you require many plug points. On the spike board, you will find a master switch to turn on and off operations as per your requirement. The GM 3058- G-Power 4+1 Spike Guard has four high power MOV to protect your electrical equipment from transient switching spikes and surges. It gives a massive 420 volts with a frequency of 60 hertz. It has an indicator to indicate the flow of electricity in the box. Equipped with versatile sockets and safety shutters, the GM 3058- G-Power 4+1 Spike Guard has an ergonomic design and comes with one year manufacturer warranty. With thermal trip technology and fire retardant protection, this spike guard is undoubtedly a complete protection for your house. So shop online at Amazon India and buy this home improvement product now.