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Riya Chemy

Carszini Clear Vision Windshield Washer - 330ml

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Carszini Clear Vision Windshield Washer is a recolutionary product that will give you the best visibility in all weather conditions. It's ant-freeze properties make sure you can use them at extreme conditions too. No soap formula, will not leave any residue with wipers and can be used three times. 110 ml per use. Mix 110 ml to 2 L drinking water and pour to tank. Empty the tank before using this product.


  • Use 110 ml with 2 or 2.5 L drinking water
  • Usable up to 3 times. 110ml x 3 times
  • Provides streak free view
  • Removes bug and dirt without scratches on windshield
  • Most economical product
  • No soap content