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Fevicol Probond Special Adhesive For PVC & Acrylic Laminates

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Product description

Fevicol Probond is the best adhesive in the country to paste PVC laminates and PVC tapes to plywood,MDF and Block Board. It provides high initial grab and strong bond which makes vertical PVC laminations easy. It can also be used to paste PVC edge banding tapes to plywood/MDF/block board edges without the help of any edge banding machine. Benefits: Best solution for fixing Acrylic/ PVC sheets Helpful for manual edge binding Good for PVC edge binding Saves cost Excellent for heat prone applications like kitchen or high temperature climatic zones Areas of Application: Plywood to PVC sheets/ rolls Plywood to Acrylic sheets PVC edge Banding Ply board to Charcoal sheets Key Application Steps: The basic steps are similar to standard Fevicol applications. Apply masking tape on the edges & keep the bonded substrates under pressure for 2-3 hrs before starting cutting/ finishing work. PVC Edge Banding (Single side Application): Apply glue on one edge surface of the Plywood / MDF / Particle Board and spread the glue uniformly on the edge with the help of spreader / knife / spatula Join PVC & apply pressure uniformly to ensure excess glue oozing out from the joint portion. Remove softly and carefully using cloth/ cotton Press the edge band joint for 2 – 5 minutes under manual hand pressure. Use masking tape to hold the joint firmly. The bond strength is obtained within 4-6 hrs. Full strength will be developed after 24 Hrs. at room temp For faster work within 1 Hr, wrap the edge with thick cotton cloth and apply heat using Iron for 1 minutes and repeat the steps for four to five times