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Gala Super Scrub Black Pad For Kitchen Cleaning Vessels - Black

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  • Gala Super Scrub Black Pad For Kitchen Cleaning Vessels Sponge Set with easy grip and fine designed stainless steel metallic loops for effective cleaning / Hard on food or dirt on dishes or kitchenware, but soft for your hand
  • Coarse metal mesh loops create a scouring effect to clean any rust or dried substances on a dish or on your tile floor - heavy duty and durable compared to any ordinary scrubbers or sponges available
  • Modern top commercial dishwashing and scrubbing with this reusable pad - that can be applied equally well to windows, a bathroom tub, shower, kitchen sink or toilet
  • Gala Iron Bull Scrub Sponge leaves your dishes spotlessly clean, no matter how dirty - with less effort than other products / Long lasting durable quality means no need for short term replacement
  • Items delivered: 6x Gala Super Scrub Metallic Steel Sponge Set / Stainless Steel Loop Mesh (Material) / Black / No Soap Included