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GM Lemoid 4+1 Spike Guard With USB Plug with 2 Meter Cable

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  • Material: Polycarbonate, , Color: White & Red
  • Package Contents: Lemoid 4+1 Spike guard
  • It comes with 3 international sockets, Detachable Twin USB Port 2.1A, Master switch, Surge Protector and LED indicator
  • 3 versatile international sockets: Suitable for different types of International Plugs
  • Uses thermal trip technology to power off your system, which saves all connected devices in the event of a severe over current
  • 3 high power MOVs protects the equipment from transient and switching spikes and surges
  • 184 joules provide long lasting surge protection. Total Max load of 10A, Voltage: 110-230 V, Frequency: 50-60 Hz


GM Lemoid 4+1 Spike Guard With USB Plug with 2 Meter Cable are the outcome of a research and power protection development over a decade that led us to the release of this breakthrough spike guard. Our engineers using state of the art design elements, construction and superior circuits ensure that the spike guard offers complete protection from power surges and spikes. Your costly appliances like TV, VCD players and others are offered with highest protection with this spike guard. The attractive colours will enhance the beauty of your home décor. A special nylon velcro cable tie has been provided on the long power cord for the convenience during operation and storage.