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Goodyear Electric Drilling Machine Corded 500W - 10mm GYPT-15000

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Goodyear Electric Drilling Machine Corded 500W - 10mm GYPT-15000 is commonly used for drilling holes in various materials such as wood, steel, concrete. It can be used for tasks ranging from simple home repairs to professional construction projects.

Features of Goodyear Electric Drill Machine :-

  • 10mm CHUCK CAPACITY : Goodyear Electric Drill has 10mm chuck capacity and helps in assembling the drill bits in to the chuck, and it holds the drill bit
  • CHUCK KEY : The chuck key is made up of strong metal which is corrosion and rust free. also helps in tighten or loosen the jaws.
  • REVERSE/FORWARD SLIDING KNOB : This Electric drill have reverse/forward sliding knob that allows you to change the direction of rotation.

What makes our Product Best ?

  • LOCK-ON BUTTON : With the LOCK button, you can lock the speed without holding the trigger to reduce fatigue. It helps in continuous drilling.
  • LEVEL MEASUREMENT : While Drilling it helps to show whether the drill machine is in a straight line or not.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN : It provides a comfortable & secure hold for the user. It includes ergonomic design for improved control and reduced fatigue

Why everyone choose us ?

  • Forward/Reverse Rotation : Electric drills often have a switch to change the rotation direction of the drill bit. The forward rotation is used for drilling holes, while the reverse rotation is helpful for removing screws or backing out a drill bit.
  • Automotive Repairs : The drill is helpful in automotive repairs for tasks such as drilling holes for installing brackets, removing or installing screws, or drilling holes for rivets.