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Goodyear Electric Drilling Machine Corded 600W - 13mm GYPT-15001

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Goodyear Electric Drilling Machine Corded 600W - 13mm GYPT-15001 is commonly used for drilling holes and driving screws in various materials such as wood, steel, concrete. It can be used for tasks ranging from simple home repairs to professional construction projects.

Features of Goodyear Impact Drill Machine 13mm (Corded) – 600W :-

  • 13mm CHUCK CAPACITY : Goodyear Electric Drill has 13mm chuck capacity and helps in assembling the drill bits in to the chuck, and it holds the drill bit.
  • CHUCK KEY : The chuck key is made up of strong metal which is corrosion and rust free. & helps in tighten or loosen the jaws.
  • VARIABLE SPEED BUTTON : It comes with variable speed trigger, for all kinds of low & high power jobs, used to adjust speed as per your requirement.

What makes our Product Best ?

  • Auxillary Handle : Goodyear 13mm Impact Drill Machines comes with auxiliary handle that lets you work at any angle with an extra level of ease.
  • Depth Gauge : A measuring tool used to determine the depth of a hole or the depth to which a screw should be driven.
  • Operating Mode Button : By using this button you select the required operating mode before use (drilling in concrete or in wood).
  • Reverse/Forward Rotation : This impact drill have reverse/forward rotation button that allows you to change the direction of rotation.
  • Soft Grip Handle : An impact drill machine with a soft grip handle provides comfort and helps in reducing hand fatigue.
  • Heat Dissipation Design : The drill’s body often incorporates cooling vents or fins to facilitate airflow and promote heat dissipation.