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Goodyear Electric Hot Air Heat Gun 2000W GYPT-15030

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Goodyear Electric Hot Air Heat Gun 2000W GYPT-15030 is a versatile handheld tool that uses electricity to generate high levels of heat. This heat gun is commonly used for a variety of applications such as stripping paint, shrink-wrapping, bending plastic, thawing frozen pipes, and removing adhesives.

Features of Goodyear Heat Gun :-

  • Dual Temperature : 350-550°C
  • 2 Level Speed : 300/500 L/Min
  • Voltage : 220/230V 50/60Hz
  • Upside down placed vertically
  • VDE Plug

What makes our Product Best ?

  • High Temperature Operation : The heat gun delivers a powerful output of 2000 Watts. This provides heated air with a temperature of up to 550°C and airflow rate upto 500 l/min.
  • Multipurpose Use : This hot air gun can be used for stripping off old paint, drying new coats of paint and re-melting adhesives etc. It can also be used for thawing frozen water pipes.
  • Dual Temperature Control : The gun offers two heat settings. This makes it ideal for multiple applications. It allows precise operation on various surfaces as some surfaces might get damaged due to extremely hot air.
  • Durable & High Construction Body : This Heat gun comes with high-quality construction and safety features such as heat-resistant housing and insulated handle.
  • Heat Isolation Cap : Heat isolation cap ensures user safety by protecting them from high heat. To ensure users shouldn’t touch the heating elements.
  • Ergonomic Design & Comfortable Grip : Goodyear Heat Gun have an ergonomic design with soft and comfortable grip. This makes them easier to handle and user easily uses this product for prolonged use.
  • Air Ventilation : The air vents are important for heat guns because they help to prevent the hot air from becoming too concentrated in one area. This can help to prevent the material from overheating.

What makes our Product Best ?

  • Overload Protection : Our hot air gun uses qualified material which can quickly cool down at high temperatures. This heat gun also possesses an overload protector to effectively avoid damage to machines or electronic circuits.
  • Ideal for DIY & Professional use : It offers a convenient solution for unblocking frozen pipes and bending metal pipes. It has air vents at the sides to prevent excessive heating of the tool.
  • Vertical Stand : The hot air gun must be placed vertically after every usage to prevent the user from getting burnt.