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Goodyear Marble/Granite Cutting Machine 110mm-1200W GYPT-15012

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Goodyear Marble/Granite Cutting Machine 110mm-1200W GYPT-15012 machine can be used for a variety of tasks such as : – 

  • Cutting marble slabs and tiles to size
  • Creating custom shapes and patterns in marble
  • Trimming and beveling marble edges
  • Scoring marble for breaking

Features of Goodyear Marble Cutter :-

  • Dia : 110mm
  • Speed : 13300rpm
  • Voltage : 220V 50/60Hz
  • Maximum Cutting Capacity : 34mm
  • Power : 1200W

What makes our Product Best ?

  • ON/OFF Switch : To start the tool, simply press the trigger switch
  • Continuous Lock-On Button : For Continuous Operation, press the lock-on button. Lock on button that reduces the strain on your hands.
  • Bevel Locking Adjustment : The cutter can be adjusted to cut at angles between 0° and 45°
  • Cutting Depth Locking Knob : Secure the base by tightening the depth locking knob

Benefits of Marble Cutter :-

  • Provides clean cuts : Marble cutters can make clean, precise cuts that are free of jagged edges.
  • Can be used by anyone : Marble cutters are easy to use, even for people with no prior experience.
  • Affordable : Marble cutters are relatively affordable, making them a cost-effective way to cut marble and other hard materials.

Why everyone choose us ?

  • Heavy-duty machine : This marble cutting machine has a high-capacity gear set that produces less noise and vibration. It includes improved features including dust prevention and insulation. It is also suitable for heavy-duty applications.
  • User Friendly : It is a compact marble cutter in its class and comes with a user-friendly design. This powerful marble cutter provides precise, easy, and effortless cutting to you with minimal effort from your end.
  • Ergonomically Designed : Compact and designed ergonomically to meet higher safety standards Goodyear Marble Cutter makes it easier to cut multiple materials like marble, tile, stone, granite, brick, porcelain, and ceramic.
  • Wide Base Plate : It has a wide base plate which helps in safer task completion, especially for vertical cutting. Marble cutter machine featured with lock-on button, lock-off switch, durable & high-construction body.
  • Copper Winding : Copper winding is a critical component used in marble cutter machine which allow the cutters to operate efficiently & generate enough torque to cut through hard materials. Copper windings are more efficient than other types of windings. They can convert more electrical energy into mechanical energy, which results in a more powerful motor.
  • Accuracy : Marble cutter machines can make precise cuts. This is important for projects where accuracy is critical, such as when cutting marble for countertops or flooring.
  • Powerful Motor This marble cutter machine have a strong and powerful motor, which makes it an efficient tool that is highly productive. It also has a special unique design together which enables the user to use this tool for a longer duration.

  • Cutting Speed : Having a no-load speed of 13300 rotations per minute. It fits blades with cutting dimensions of 110 mm. Marble cutter machines can make fast cuts. This is helpful for projects where time is of the essence, such as when cutting marble for tiles or mosaics.

  • Portable & handy : Marble cutter is suitable for cutting most types of flat stone and marble. It is handheld and enables easy working which makes this tool efficient and highly productive.