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Nippon Paint

Nippon Paint Walltron Hydroshield Dampproof - Grey Basecoat

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Walltron Hydroshield Dampproof Elastomeric Exterior Waterproof Coating Grey is fiber reinforced Elastomeric coating used for Waterproofing. It forms thick elastic film which covers cracks and blocks water thus offering excellent waterproofing.


  • Waterproofing: The emulsion forms films with high DFT gives excellent waterproofing.
  • Crack Bridging: The elastomeric coating forms films which can bridge cracks upto 1-2 mm
  • Excellent Adhesion: Coating has excellent adhesion to masonry surfaces Toughness and Elasticity: The elastomeric fiber reinforced coating has excellent mechanical properties. The toughness helps to withstand the driving rain. The elasticity coating endures stresses developed due to thermal contraction and expansion of concrete.
  • User friendly: the coating can be applied directly without any dilution and very easily can be applied by either brushing or rolling.
  • Surface Temperature Reduction: Provides surface temperature reduction up to 10°C**. This property is applicable for terraces and only for white shade.