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Polycab Etira Ceiling Fan Matt White - 1200mm

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  • Polycab Etira Ceiling Fan Matt White beats the heat at High Speed.
  • With its high speed of 380 RPM, this fan ensures breeze in every corner of the room.
  • "This fan gives an Air Delivery of 210 CMM consuming 75W of Power. It is available in Sweep size of 1200mm. "
  • These fans have 99.99% pure copper winding giving you the best quality product for maximum effciency and longer life.
  • These fans use double ball bearing that supports the motor and fan shaft at two locations. Such fans have reduced friction and perform consistently in any orientation.
  • It's Stay Cool Motor is a uniquely engineered high speed ceiling fan motor that emits low heat even after running for hours. This greatly enhances the motor’s efficiency.
  • The large and wide fan blades of Polycab Ceiling Fans ensure maximum air delivery and wide air throw to cool every corner of the room.