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Roff Cera Clean High Performance Tile Cleaner

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Roff Cera Clean is a high quality rapid active cleaner and degreasing solution for use on tiles, bathtubs, wash basin, privy basin and concrete etc. It is used to clean whitish spot/ layer as normally observed in the bathroom under plastic/ metal buckets (normal detergent is not helpful) with ease. It is also used as rapid removal of white yellowish spot/layer along with water stains over tiles, cement stains, grime, oil, paint stains, grease, moss and wax from concrete, asbestos, terrazzo and ceramics.
  • Roff Cera Clean is a high quality rapid action cleaner & degreasing solution
  • For use on mosaic, ceramic, vitrified tiles, bath tubs, wash basin
  • Tile cleaner that removes stains
  • Retains tile gloss